I collect stationery

I don’t mean that in a trainspotterish sort of way – I just seem to collect it. Every time I think “Oooh, must start making notes of the things I keep forgetting”, I go out and buy a notebook, even though I have a cellar full of BOGOFs and ‘threefers’.

And it’s not just notebooks. There’s reams of printer paper, folders, dividers, tags, clips, pins,…

Sometimes it comes in handy, just when you least expect it. And, at other times, it’s just embarrassing and in the way.

Today is…

“Why, what’s the matter?”

Is anything the matter?”

“You seem so sad, Eeyore.”

“Sad? Why should I be sad? It’s my birthday, The happiest day of the year.”

“Your birthday?” said Pooh in great surprise.

On. Or off.

Those who know me quite well (or who have observed me close-up) know that I’m generally on or off. No half-measures.

One of the drawbacks is that, even though last night’s Leeds United Ladies Fundraising Masquerade Ball was really rather good (and, one hopes, quite successful), I still couldn’t switch off and enjoy it for what it was. I felt so much happier being on my feet, wandering around, pointing the photographer to the right people, asking how the students were doing, and so on. Being a nuisance, basically!