Was getting my hair cut this morning, and reminiscing a bit.

It’s just under 11 years (probably next weekend, but it was around the start of July) since I first moved into Beeston. As you come up Beeston Road from the Hill, you used to pass a carpet / interior furnishings shop, fish & chip shop, barbers, newsagents, various takeaways, a general store, Post Office, another chippie, florists, estate agents, butchers, bakers and another newsagent before reaching Old Lane and a large Co-Op.

The carpet store and the bakers are now tanning and beauty salons. The barbers closed down, but another one opened up further along the road. The takeaways are still there, but different (and a very nice Cantonese place added). The florist now doesn’t sell flowers, but they do run courses in flower arranging. The second chippie is a Yorkshire Fried Chicken outlet (a what now?) and the Co-Op lost part of it’s store to a new store car park; the old car park being partially built upon to provide a new health centre.

And the Post Office? It’s under threat of closure.