Leeds’s third University

Congratulations to my Alma Mater on becoming Leeds Trinity University (formerly Leeds Trinity University College, formerly Leeds Trinity and All Saints, formerly Trinity and All Saints University College, formerly Trinity and All Saints A College of the University of Leeds, formerly Trinity and All Saints College, originally Trinity and All Saints’ Colleges).

That’s about one name change every seven years!

It’s odd for me, having an undergraduate degree, postgraduate degree and a postgraduate diploma from all three institutions in Leeds – but only one is from an actual University, the other two being from a Polytechnic and a University College…

Surviving PRide

Well, I just about survived PRide this year!

It’s the big event in the PR diary regionally, and always a lot of fun – if you remember to moderate your alcohol intake…

This year – as last year – I got to present the Award to the Communicator of the Year. Unlike last year though, there were four winners; Nicola Adams, Jess Ennis, Sophie Wells and Seb Coe. Also unlike last year, none of the winners were there… which is why Lucy and I can be seen with all the uncollected Awards.

All being well, I’ll be Chair of the Group for the next two Awards and I am thoroughly looking forward to it.

Photo: me, Lucy and lots of unclaimed awards.
Me, Lucy and lots of unclaimed awards.

And all in a good cause

Yesterday was the Third Annual Nigel Scott Charity Pub Quiz.

Which is always a good laugh, and great to see so many PR people turn up (well over 100), and last year’s winners one again. One or two minor disasters… like running out of food, again. And with it being held at a casino, you had to 18 years old at least to get in (which is why Nigel’s widow, Melanie, couldn’t – she’d brought her youngest with her).

What made is fun for me was that I was in a team of three, with two friends and we came equal-sixth, just seven points behind the winners, who had a full team of 10!

Roll on next year…

Perks of the job

When you’re Deputy Chair, you sometimes get to be the face of the profession locally – including at prize-giving presentations.