Yes… I’ve bought my first Christmas tree. Never, ever had one before while living on my own (and this is the second extended period of alone-living I’m in in the last 20 years). But there’s actually space in the living room now for a five-footer, standing on a small table, with the lights built-in. Now, if only I had some decorations…

The Cellar of Dorian Grey

So I’m working on doing up my house (I may have mentioned this earlier). But where do all the unwanted shelves, tables and other bits & pieces go? Well, into the cellar for storage.

The problem, of course, is that the smaller part of the cellar already has shelving for various files, paint tins, tools and toolbox, plus the CDs and DVDs, at least temporarily. That means everything from the upstairs rooms is just being dumped in the main part of the cellar. As upstairs gets beautified, so the cellar has to take on all the evils 🙂


Back now from my nephew’s christening (well, one of the nephews, anyway).

Brother David and Nephew Ollie.


My DIY skills are pretty good, it’s the measuring, cutting and drilling I have trouble with.