On floods

Flooding is no fun. But we all know where the problem areas are, so why isn’t more done about it?

A photographic morning

We’re very short on new / owned images of south Leeds for the A3 leaflet to go with the opening of the new Leeds Station Southern Entrance in January. So I’ve been out and about this morning. I don’t really do ‘arty’ but one of these would be a good Desktop photo…

The secret’s out

The joys of working on a launch when most of the people you need to talk to haven’t signed the confidentiality agreement you’ve had to!

Charter viva

The Chartership process might have changed but I’m still on the old route – so I thought I’d get a shift on.

Crikey. Fellowship!

Somewhat delighted – and still a bit surprised, though I have been keeping the news secret for a few weeks – to have been made a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

Full story on the CIPR web site.

Many thanks to Paul Amourdedieu, Stefan Casey and Rebecca Benn for the nomination; and to the many people Paul tells me he rounded up to get testimony from; and to the people who have emailed, texted or tweeted congratulations today.

I promise to only use my new-found powers to annoy.