Scrubbing up for PRide

With sincere apologies to Simon Baylis, who was cropped out of this image by the photographer before uploading. I look good though.

Photo: me, in black tie at the CIPR Yorkshire & Lincolnshire PRide Awards. Taken by Steve Pope
Me at the PRide Awards Dinner in 2017. Photo by Steve Pope for CIPR.

Surviving PRide

Well, I just about survived PRide this year!

It’s the big event in the PR diary regionally, and always a lot of fun – if you remember to moderate your alcohol intake…

This year – as last year – I got to present the Award to the Communicator of the Year. Unlike last year though, there were four winners; Nicola Adams, Jess Ennis, Sophie Wells and Seb Coe. Also unlike last year, none of the winners were there… which is why Lucy and I can be seen with all the uncollected Awards.

All being well, I’ll be Chair of the Group for the next two Awards and I am thoroughly looking forward to it.

Photo: me, Lucy and lots of unclaimed awards.
Me, Lucy and lots of unclaimed awards.

Perks of the job

When you’re Deputy Chair, you sometimes get to be the face of the profession locally – including at prize-giving presentations.

Stepping up for PRide

On the way to Northern Conference earlier this month, Deborah (Y&L Group Chair) casually mentioned that she had a work engagement on the same evening as PRide, which meant I’d have to step up and make the opening remarks. Two week’s notice!

Actually, not that difficult. I mean, standing on stage in front of 300-ish already slightly merry PR people wasn’t an issue, I just wanted to make sure I said everything that needed to be said. Which I think I did. And it was good practice for when I’m Chair (all being well) in 2013 & 2014.

I still seem to be having trouble smiling for photos though.

Photo: Christine Talbot and me.
Me and this year’s PRide MC, ITV Calendar’s Christine Talbot.

Presentation Night

The season’s over… the club’s over. All there is left to do is party.

Not as many photos as you may have been hoping for… for obvious reasons 🙂

I’d like to thank…

So anyway – the FA Women’s Awards…

Yes, Leeds Carnegie won, the Club Media Award. And nominated in the Marketing Award, and Jo got the Regional Media Award (for the work she did with us – many thanks).

But oh! The photographs were dreadful. I looked like a waxwork dummy. Not good at all, but perfectly illustrates why I’m better behind the camera than in front of it.

Still, getting a taste for it now, and aiming for a CIPR PRide Award next. Must win one eventually…

Just to confuse (again)

You may remember an earlier post, How to confuse the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. Seems they really *did* get confused; got a phone call today asking why we hadn’t sent in a picture and 1,000-word summary for ‘Lines of Enquiry’. The answer being that I got an email saying that we weren’t short-listed.

Turns out that we had been after all.

Black-tie dinner on Weds 5 November at the Queens Hotel to look forward to again (if I’m allowed to go – it wasn’t really my event, after all).