So, finally, have caught up myself a bit after the last few hectic weeks, culminating in the FA Women’s Cup Final at the City Ground, Nottingham, Monday last.

Fun! My first event with an Access All Areas pass, so what did I do? Watch the game from the Directors’ Box :-/

For me, it all came a year too soon: I’m not fully up to speed with being the consummate media guru that I want to be, and the web site will be refreshed after our first-year effort. And, it has to be said, I was absolutely bricking it; didn’t get much sleep on the Sunday night, felt very stressful in the run-up to the game and well into the first half.

I think that partly it was due to wanting to do something than just watch the game! I like to feel busy, and watching the FA’s media guys wandering around, 5live following Rick around and spotting Jo from BBC Radio Leeds roving around with mic in hand made me wish I wasn’t with the suits. But then, someone had to sit with the sponsors…

If only we can do the same next year (but with a better result), I’ll definitely be more prepared.