Following on from my earlier thought about stationery, I also seem to have a lot of bags.

There’s the expensive leather briefcase which gets a work-outing once a week (used to be daily, but it mostly just carries fresh air between home and work). An old laptop bag I inherited from Eli when she returned the laptop I’d loaned her, a new one via the deal between LMU and the Ladies (and a t-shirt, and a baseball cap). Plus, there’s the sturdy gym bag-cum-rucksack I got from LA Fitness, from the days I used to go there.

All of these bags get some sort of regular use (the LA Fitness bag holds the camcorder and minidisc player when I troll behind the Ladies, while the Ladies bag usually holds the laptop when I’m travelling), but none of them is really fit for the purposes I use them for.

Then there’s the travelling bags; a trolley suitcase, a larger ‘going-away-for-weeks’ case and a matching ‘away-for a few-days’ bag which has seen better days (mainly because of being away for quite a few days in the last 10 years I’ve had it). And there’s one of those shapeless kit bags I bought for the weekend I learned how to sail, and which has not been used since. And an older, smaller rucksack, which has seen better days.

I may need to do some pruning… trouble is, I still need one or two more ‘fit-for-purpose’ bags, and you can guess the order I’ll be doing things in!