Back from London (somewhere), having got up at the most ridiculous hour this morning to drive in snow, of all things – to meet a coach in east Leeds.

This was the first time I’d driven to Thorpe Park; it being not very popular at 7.45am on a Sunday morning, it was a little difficult driving over the several inches of snow on the motorways, slip roads and approach roundabouts, but I managed to park up fine.

It was also my first trip on the coach with the Ladies. Lack of funds means we (they) tend to do day-trips for away games, which is fine unless we’re playing Cardiff or Bristol (but Cardiff are going down this season, phew). Fortunately, the trip was well worth it as we beat Chelsea and put on a decent performance too. Not our best, but good enough!

And the car was still there when I got back, and the snow had melted, but I’m afraid I’m going straight to bed now!!