I can’t believe how tired, poorly, busy and headachy I’ve been!

That cold seems have cleared up, but the advent of spring seems to have given me hayfeverish headaches, blocked sinuses and all-round bleurgness (yes, it’s a word). Having taken on the responsibility for forcing through the work on the new work web sites, I’ve suddenly dropped half a stone; and it’s still not moving on as fast as I’d like (wanted it done for the 28th, but that isn’t going to happen now, obviously). Not doing much for my eyes or concentration either, but the only way is to do it myself!

And, as I write, I’ve just downloaded WordPress 2.5 for this site, which came out yesterday afternoon, unpacked it and uploaded it to the server. No disasters yet (hurrah). But I didn’t realise the time: with the clocks going forward, it’s now 2am, and I have to be up in time to watch a reserves game at 11am and the first team at 2pm… if I stay awake…

Update: the first team game is off 🙁