Just to confuse (again)

You may remember an earlier post, How to confuse the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. Seems they really *did* get confused; got a phone call today asking why we hadn’t sent in a picture and 1,000-word summary for ‘Lines of Enquiry’. The answer being that I got an email saying that we weren’t short-listed.

Turns out that we had been after all.

Black-tie dinner on Weds 5 November at the Queens Hotel to look forward to again (if I’m allowed to go – it wasn’t really my event, after all).

A long walk

Not having the car, and needing to pick up the phone that Orange insist I get with my new contact, even though I’m never going to use it (unless something really horrible happens to my N95), I went for a walk today to the parcel depot.

It’s one of the many I’ve been to over the last few years; up near the John Charles Centre for Sport and, co-incidentally, around the corner from 168 (City of Leeds) Squadron.

By my watch, it took me less time to get there than it does to drive to Huddersfield. Bizarre.

Waiting for Mister Moonlight

How fab are The Blow Monkeys?

Over 18 years since their last studio album was released, and they’re back. And playing a few, small gigs to promote the new one, including last night at The Leadmill in Sheffield, which is where I was with Chris & Sam.

Totally outstanding from start to finish, lots of singles, an album track or two for the devotees and some of the new ones to boot. And two encores, which seemed to catch a few people out.

Photo: Blow Monkeys CD and concert ticket.
Signed copy of Devil’s Tavern and my ticket – yes, just £15!


This is not my first web site, and not even my first personal site, by some margin…

A week away…

Camp tomorrow! My first-ever Summer Camp, this one’s at RAF Marham. I have no idea what to expect, though the two tame Squadron Leaders of my acquaintance have done their best to scare me.

I won’t be able to make any posts from there though, it sounds like a bit of an IT wilderness! Not even sure if I’ll get a mobile phone signal.

3 years asleep

Haven’t done the trip to Huddersfield by train ever since I got the car. I remembered why tonight.

How to confuse the Chartered Institute of Public Relations

Last week, I sent in a PRide Award entry on behalf of Metro. I also sent one in for the Ladies.

The CIPR couldn’t cope with me working for Metro *and* for the Ladies. True.

Just as well I didn’t put one in for ‘The Largest Room in the House’, as planned!