For the last few years, iprovision has run a charity casino at the CIPR Excellence Awards. And this year, as last, I helped sell the casino cash. Which meant seeing more than a few CIPR people, others that I’ve worked with – and even someone I was on a course on back in 2002-03…

And I still don’t like taking selfies.

They Might Be Giants

My long-time friend Pam and I had decided to meet up in Liverpool… not realising that the Giants would be making their farewell tour the same weekend. We did our best not to let them get in the way but as you can see… the crowds were HUGE! Thankfully, we could escape lots of them by visiting Tate Liverpool…

Day trip to Lincoln

My good friend Charmaine and I took a day trip to Lincoln today (I needed some camera practice – still do). Here’s a selection of some that I took from the walk around the castle wall (apart from the one with me in it, obviously).

Triathlon runner

Huge fun yesterday. I’d volunteered my services to help out in the media operation at the World Triathlon stage taking place for the first time in Leeds yesterday. Didn’t anticipate having to cross the course when 6,000 runners were on the course.

Wasn’t expecting to be on coach transfer duty. Which meant I wasn’t expecting to be on the start pontoon at Roundhay Park…

A photographic morning

We’re very short on new / owned images of south Leeds for the A3 leaflet to go with the opening of the new Leeds Station Southern Entrance in January. So I’ve been out and about this morning. I don’t really do ‘arty’ but one of these would be a good Desktop photo…

One Sunday in Brussels

A figure-of-eight loop from my hotel, north through the gardens near the Library, across to the Park, back via the Cathedral and down to Grand’Place.

Presentation Night

The season’s over… the club’s over. All there is left to do is party.

Not as many photos as you may have been hoping for… for obvious reasons 🙂

Niagara Falls!

Some of you may suspect that I’m not having a great time over here, having read my previous posts. Well, yesterday we drove to Niagara to see the Falls.

Okay, so the drivers were still idiots, and the roads are full of lumps and bumps, but the 2.5-hour trip out (only two back – how odd) was well worth it. Even though the temperature was around 30°C by the time we got there, and the humidity correspondingly high, it’s just such a lovely place to wander around.

We didn’t have time to do more than cruise the part of the town on the other side of the hills, and Niagara-on-the-Lake was a bit of a whistle-stop tour, but we’d seen the falls, which was the main thing. I could spend hours there, with the right person and the right camera; as did many of the other tourists, politely walking around other tourists who were having their photos taken with the Falls as backdrop.

So you see, it’s not as bad as I may have painted earlier. Mind you, I’ll be back in the UK in about 40 hours (as I write), so I’d better make the most of the last 24 hours here… and top up my tan a bit…

On the waterfront

I’d always assumed that when I returned to Canada, it would be to take the scenic railroad trip from Toronto to Vancouver via the Rockies, with my chosen life-partner. However, since my chosen life-partner isn’t interested in being my chosen life-partner I’m here with my mum, visiting family for a wedding.

Today, we went to the Toronto Waterfront (lake-side, not sea-side). It reminds me a bit of London (England); there are sights to see, which people generally ignore unless they’re tourists. And the CN Tower, the Toronto landmark, is now obscured by two large, conjoined office-cum-apartment buildings, in the same manner that St Paul’s has been hemmed in by unnecessary developments.

It doesn’t matter where you go in the world, there will always be people who Think Small. As fab as the Waterside looks, it’s that view from it to the Tower that people want to see, and photograph… and now they can’t.

Dancing Queen

Well, it was the Big Party last night, and some unlucky souls didn’t quite make it, so there was plenty of food left over. And getting people to dance was a nightmare sometimes.

But them that came seemed to enjoy themselves!

I, of course, as your genial host, never quite got around to having a sane or sensible conversation with anyone, including my family. And, as event organiser (must add that to my CV), I was the first one in and the last one out (after paying the bar tab), so I couldn’t even get all that drunk. Which is a shame in a way, but I did get loads of belated pressies, mainly rum, but also two bottles of champagne (bad news for when Pam next visits, she’ll have to drink half) and some red wine, some German liqueurs and a kettle (thanks, Charmaine).