I’d always assumed that when I returned to Canada, it would be to take the scenic railroad trip from Toronto to Vancouver via the Rockies, with my chosen life-partner. However, since my chosen life-partner isn’t interested in being my chosen life-partner I’m here with my mum, visiting family for a wedding.

Today, we went to the Toronto Waterfront (lake-side, not sea-side). It reminds me a bit of London (England); there are sights to see, which people generally ignore unless they’re tourists. And the CN Tower, the Toronto landmark, is now obscured by two large, conjoined office-cum-apartment buildings, in the same manner that St Paul’s has been hemmed in by unnecessary developments.

It doesn’t matter where you go in the world, there will always be people who Think Small. As fab as the Waterside looks, it’s that view from it to the Tower that people want to see, and photograph… and now they can’t.