[This also appeared on my LinkedIn page – you know me, conservation of effort.]

I’ll be at a Breakfast Briefing tomorrow morning on the new Northern & TransPennine Express franchises which start in 2016 (not that I’m great with mornings). It’s being hosted by Rail North (disclaimer: I have been doing some activity for them, as part of my day job at West Yorkshire Combined Authority). According to the blurb (which I had a paw in writing):

“With the new franchises, authorities across the North will have a much greater say in shaping our rail network and it’s a positive first step towards the full devolution of wider responsibilities for rail.

“Our Long-Term Rail Strategy sets out how rail will support the growth of our economy over the next twenty years by improving connectivity for passengers and freight across the North of England.

“We are also working with industry partners to bring forward future electrification schemes, and Transport for the North on the Northern Transport Strategy, to ensure that the Northern Powerhouse becomes a reality.”