The dust has settled, the displays have been folded up and now its time to fill in the relevant section on the CIPR CPD form. So what did I learn from Northern Conference?

Well, it was quite odd, really. Jane (Wilson – CEO, CIPR) took the opportunity to announce the new CIPR Public Relations Register, a searchable register of CIPR members, designed to help employers and clients determine if people are members of the Institute when they say they are, and which acts a guarantee of professionalism if you’re on it.

In of itself this would be a good thing – like having a list of Corgi-registered gas fitters – but in the context of a ‘fit for purpose’ profession, and the day’s other speakers. workshops and sessions it highlighted that old phrase ‘caveat emptor’ – let the buyer beware.

So if ‘pax dictum’ isn’t good enough for your clients, then there’s the CIPR Register to back you up.

And as for Max…

I think he showed that sometimes we get it wrong. As professionals, educators and mentors, we assume things from our students and new profession-entrants.

Do the kind of PR you enjoy doing” – well, yes.

There’s no substitute for experience” – no argument there.

Tweets from students picked up on these sentiments, and agreed with them. The older, experienced practitioners all went “Yes. And?”

But, sadly, no tweets seemed to say “My lecturer told me that as well”.

Perhaps, in among the modules on ethics, transparency, accountability and professionalism we should also spend 10 minutes telling students ‘the bleedin’ obvious’?