Happy New Year from everyone at Taylor Towers! Okay, there’s just me. Even the spiders, pigeons and strange flying insects coming off the river have given up on me.

While I start this year unemployed, it’s not a complete disaster. For one thing, I have a lot of things to catch up on.

So I made a list. Four lists, actually, broken down into CIPR (lots of CPD to do), Cadets (one or two outstanding tasks there), Photography & Files (quite a bit to sort out there, plus some new scanning) and Jobs, etc.

Oddly, the Jobs list is coming on fine: two applied for, two more to apply for in the next fortnight. And that’s without doing this week’s trawl of the agencies and job boards. Minor issue with the taxman to sort, but achievable.

In general, though, I don’t like resolutions. They’re a bit like bucket lists: too easy, and you feel short-changed, too difficult and you die disappointed.

And if it’s important, why do you need the start of a new year to think about it? This year I need to get a new suit so I can attend a wedding in June. I actually need the new suit at the start of February for an event (will have to go jacketless), and I could have bought it last year when I was working. It’s important now, but it was important then as well.

If I was working this week and next – which I ought to have been, to help bed in the newbies (that’s management for you) – then my resolutions wouldn’t have started until half-way through January, with less time to complete them (if you assume I’ll be back in work by February). And, texhnically, I started on some of the tidying-up aspects last week. And writing those lists ot was part of the process as well, as some of the tasks need to be done in sequence.

Less resolutions then. More like time-sensitive projects? Apart from the open-ended ones, I mean.

Whatever. Happy New 2023. Just go be brilliant, and the rest will take care of itself.