I honestly didn’t intend on leaving it this long before writing something again!

Where were we? Oh yes; doing battle with DWP.

Still doing battle with them, as there was a mix-up on when I was last paid compared to when they were told I was last paid, which means they owe me a bit (quite a bit). They have agreed this… just need to get the money out of them now.

Then I went and got a job. In Sheffield, at the place I was working at in 2017 and 2018, so that’s nearly three hours out of my day in travelling (as opposed to 20 minutes). But I can work from home a couple of days a week, which I will be taking advantage of on Fridays, as that’s the worst day for travelling back (the Friday Night Crowd is just getting going around 5pm, and the earlier train back is not much better).

Not that I enjoy working from home, I’ve always preferred to be in the office. Talking to people in person rather than at the end of a camera… when we have our cameras on, that is.

But I have been improving my home setup. I’ve shuffled the dining table sideways so I can slot in a desk (which I need to buy), then place the new monitor on it. I bought a 24″ screen like the ones they have at WYCA, with a built-in USB hub. Unfortunately, it was “only” Full HD, and the graphics package looked terrible on it. So I found a better version for £100 less on eBay… except it’s a 27″ monitor. That’s larger than my old TV.

But also about half the price of the 24″ equivalent. I’m getting a bargain, but I have to shuffle sideways to see the whole screen. It’ll do, for now. I’m sure another eBay bargain will be along soon… There are other, minor issues, such as not being able to plug in anything else USB-C to the laptop, so I might have to get an external hub after all. And, it turns out my laptop does do USB charging (I always thought it didn’t), which means it gets very hot when plugged in. I’ve closed the lid and turned it upside down to try and dissipate some of the heat.

Then there’s the posts I really wanted to be writing. I need to add sometthing onthe dearth (or is it death?) of Public Relations undergraduate courses. I have a theory, you’re not going to like it.

And finally, AI. I had a full-on “we’re doomed” post in my head, but needed to sort out some background research. This involved re-watching Person of Interest, from 2011-2016. Of course, I now can’t stop re-watching it and am halfway through series 2.

But as the days get longer, and i feel a bit happier in the sunshine (if no actual warmth yet) I’m sure I’ll get round to doing one of those two posts sooner rather than later. And the other life admin tasks.

Mind you, I’ve a cancer check-up on Wednesday morning, so all bets might yet be off. We shall see.