Tuesday 7th

It feels like an age since I was last in London. In truth, it was only six months ago, but it’s odd the way I slip into old habits; the main one being booking a room in the hotel next door to the British Library.

I don’t do any family tree research there now (don’t tell them that, they’ll take my Reading Room ticket off me) but I’m a Member now so I like to see the exhibitions. I can do four for free every year, and this one was Breaking the News, all about… breaking the news. So relevant, really.

Sunday 12th

I’d spent several years trekking out to Thorpe Park when I was volunteering with The Ladies, as that’s where the coach pick-up was from. Why they couldn’t leave from Elland Road so I could walk there (this was when I lived in Beeston, just up the road), I kneweth not.

But Thorpe Park was where I was going to have my three-month check-up, so off I trotted for the bus. Missed the bus. Took an expensive taxi. Got violated. All fine… apart from the slightly enlarged prostate, which the consultant mentioned in passing. Why do they do that, why?

Back again in six months unless I notice symptoms again, so I’ll take that as a win.

And then the run for the bus home, which really took me back to the old days, trying to cross a busy dual carriageway just as the bus came around the corner. At least it wasn’t gone 10pm this time.

Monday 13th

The problem with my new camera – which I have yet to properly blog about, after seven months – is that I can’t find a good bag for it. I have one (from eBay) and bought the next size up from Amazon. This also gave me my first experience on Amazon Lockers. There just happens to be a licker setup in the hotel next door to the hotel behind the flat. Hurrah!

Not so much the bag, which is taller but slightly narrower and less wide on the inside, so I might as well stick with the one I have. Yes, I can return it… but not via the locker. I have to use Evri-was-Hermes for that, so Lord knows if it’ll arrive back.

Tuesday 28th

Ping! went my top shirt button.

This, I think is God’s way of driving home that I need to lose a little weight since I’ve never be able to thread the needle to stitch the button back on.

Given that my job (and life in general) is rather sedentary, the diet starts on 1 July. No lunch during the week, no snacks or sweeties. That should help a bit. Then tidy up the flat so I can dig out the exercise bike at weekends.

I am at least one-quarter of a stone heavier than I want to be, and feel bloated all of the time. Which should make me not feel hungry, but it’s not working yet. Anyway… we can but try.