Thursday 7th

No flies on me… but plenty in my kitchen.

Warm weather plus chicken bones equals a breeding ground in my ‘dirty’ bin. I hadn’t opened it in a couple of days, so when the flies rose out of it I was rather shocked, to say the least.

This did happen to me once before, in Beeston. Perhaps I’ll learn the lesson this time to wrap the bones up in a plastic bag or other container I’m throwing before placing into the bin.

The trouble is, as a single, environmentally-conscious bloke I just don’t generate enough rubbish to fill the bag once a week. Or even once a fortnight. Maybe I just need a smaller bin, and smaller bags that I’ll dispose of more regularly?

Monday 11th

There is no escape. I keep trying to engineer a holiday, or a few days off somewhere, but fitting it in with my work commitments is difficult. And when I do find a gap, one of my colleagues has usually got in first. It doesn’t help that I’m not the sort of person to go away for a week, nor the kind of person that people want to go away with…

But I have lined up next Monday and Tuesday, so I can spend a long weekend with the Big Box O’ Prints and the print scanner. I take my fun where I can.

Saturday 16th

Oh dear. Oh dearie dear. Have you seen the weather forecast for the next few days? I picked the wrong time to be away from an air-conditioned office, didn’t I? Still, the early results from the test photo scans seem encouraging, so I’ll get as far as I can with that. Never mind one per week, I’ll have enough to do at least one per day during August

Wednesday 20th

It’s a relief to be back at work, though I’ve a thumping headache. Must be to do with not sleeping much the last few nights, and the temperature in the flat getting up to 30°C. I’ve done “hot” before, but this was bad. And no wind to move the air around inside the flat, as the in-flat air mover seems to be broken (I only worked it out because when I put it on “boost”, nothing happened. Reported to the letting agent, let’s see how long they take to fix it).

Friday 29th

Rooney 1-0 Vardy. Common sense has prevailed, although I probably ought to do a blog post on what it means for people like me who run social media accounts on behalf of other people…

Sunday 31st

And after several near misses over the years, England win the Euros at the third attempt! I still have nightmares about the 6-2 defeat to Germany in Helsinki in 2009 (but a very funny story to tell as well). When the dust has settled, another blog post to follow on why I hope this will be a good thing… but probably won’t be.