Sunday 8th

Something I haven’t done for a while… catching the train to Castleford to make a visit to Wing HQ, this time for the Wing AGM.

I think I achieved a new record though. Out of the shower at 0819, on the train at 0834. And that included buying the train ticket on the app.

Still, it was very worth it as I met some familiar faces and got most of my questions answered before the meeting actually started. And I got to see the new building at Castleford Rail Station and the work on platform 2, cos I’m never really off duty.

Friday 20th

A night out! Sort of. The CIPR Volunteer Conference, postponed from March 2020 and May 2021 (both in Manchester) is taking place in Leeds! So last night there was a dinner, with awards, and a chance to catch up with lots of old, familiar faces. And, as usual, ending up in the hotel bar close to midnight.

It almost felt… normal. There’s no in-person AGM, Fellows Lunch or PRide Awards this year, so only almost normal. But I did feel a bit like a kid who’d had too much sugar. Must have been the Mount Gay rum in the bar.

Tuesday 31st

For, I think, the first time ever I watched The One Show. Or rather, the TV was on but I’d turned down the sound until the announcement that Bradford had won the race to be UK City of Culture 2025.

That’s because I’d rashly volunteered to hit Publish on the relevant version of the release on our website and do some social activity. I say rashly, but I got paid for it so I shouldn’t complain too much.

I was expecting Nads to get the wrong result somehow though. She seems that sort. Plus, she really needs to work on her awards win announcements. Lots of PR people have presented PRide Awards in the past, I’m sure we could give a few tips…