On a personal note, the Olympics has been quite fun so far. I know three of the squad of 18 in the Team GB Women’s Football team (Steph Houghton, Sophie Bradley, Ellen White) and two of the standbys (Jess Clarke and Emma Higgins) because they used to play for Leeds United Ladies (disclaimer: I still volunteer there, just). As did co-commentator Lucy Ward. As did studio pundit Sue Smith (disclaimer: I host and developed her current web site).

I’m loving the fencing. As I only have Freeview I’m limited to what Auntie shows me, and this morning they showed the Men’s Team Foil match between Team GB and Italy. Italy has the top two men foilists in the world, so losing 40-45 is very respectable. Foil fencing was the only event I wanted a ticket for (one measly ticket, and I missed out).

But the rowing on Friday… Anna Watkins and Katherine Grainger. You know when a face looks familiar but you can’t remember why? Finally came to me. In 2009, Leeds United (Carnegie) Ladies picked up the Club Media Award at the FA Women’s Awards, which was the first one I attended. So, as Media Guru, I got volunteered to pick up the award… from Katherine Grainger.

Great, thinks I, there must be a photo somewhere I can make my profile photo on Facebook. And having found it, it will never see the light of day. Two reasons:

  1. I wasn’t ready for the photo, so I look a right grump;
  2. Both Katherine and Robbie Earle – host of the Awards that year – tower over me.

Even my mum’s not going to see that photo.