Okay, so it was actually nearer 13 inches (including the photo), but the interview I gave the Guardian about volunteering with the cadets appeared today – see https://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2008/feb/25/9.

The downside was the horrible picture (never as good when I don’t take them), and there was a bit of artistic licence in the words (“blues”??) but it is still good publicity.

And it was a chance to ‘come out of the closet’, and admit something that very few people know: I’ve got the paperwork to apply for a Commission. That means an interview with Wing, then Region, then a week on an Officers’ Initial Course at RAFC Cranwell. We’re talking at least a year here; I can’t do the Wing interview until after the pre-Board workshop at the end of June, so it might even be nearer 18 months. But I’ve started out on the path… and will keep you informed as to progress.