Normally I have no trouble with post (junk mail, yes, because I live in Fast Food Central here in Beeston). But the Royal Mail seems to be going out of its way to annoy me this month.

There’s the first class package from that’s gone missing. Which means ordering up a replacement then filling in a claims form so that Dabs can get their money back. It’s only a PCI card and cable, but it’s a nuisance, and I didn’t order them for me.

Then there’s the router and stuff to go with my BT Broadband order. I don’t need the router, because I have my own, but it’s always good to have a spare. And it was free (mind you, if I’d waited three days I could have had a free BT Homehub, bah). Anyway, it was delivered on the 8th, when I wasn’t in. I used the web site to have it delivered the following Wednesday to my nearest Post Office (great idea), but by the 16th it still hadn’t arrived.

So I phoned them up┬álast Monday. “Oh yes, it’s in the van for delivery today,” came the reply. Bollocks it was!

It is conceivable that they took it to one of the other Post Offices in the area (each about 15 minutes walk away) but since I specified the one a minute away on Beeston Road, and they never attempted a redelivery on the 9th (as they have in the past) I’m now spoiling for a fight. And you know how I don’t like to take prisoners…