Just at the moment, things are very quiet.

Yes, there are things that need doing, but there are no big (or small) projects that require my whole attention, just the usual stuff that ticks over quietly in the background.

It’s in light of this that a very relevant story on the BBC News web site, regarding depression, is worth commenting upon.

Given that this site is called Eeyore’s Gloomy Place, it should give you an insight into my state of mind at any given moment. I am prone to bouts of gloominess, when I alone beweep my outcast state.  The older I get, the worse these moods have become; you know, the “I’m 41 in three weeks, single and broke, what’s the point?” thoughts, whereas 15 years ago the obvious answer would be that I can annoy more people alive than dead. But after a while, annoying people stops being fun, and it doesn’t get you the girl.

Not that I ever got the girl.

That’s why I’m working with the Ladies in my spare time as well as the cadets, and trying to get Lightpath off the ground, and suchlike. Keeps my mind busy enough not to realise what a parlous state I’m actually in.