Do you have an ‘ideas book’? I do (see photo).

Photo: My ideas book.
My ideas book.

I bought it at Covent Garden Market, years ago, for £20. Handmade, metal locking clasp, plenty of pages for me to jot down ideas.

There are pages of notes reminding me of things to try when building web sites going back to August 2010; for Leeds United Ladies, Metro, Rail North, my own site. And lots and lots of notes for the family tree web site.

Jot down an idea, make a list, suggest a method. Then put a tick over it if it works or a cross if it doesn’t, so that I don’t make such a silly suggestion to myself in the future.

I haven’t used it much the last year.

Partly (well, mostly), this is because I’m not employed, so when I get an idea I just fire up the ultrabook or iPad and try it out. So instead of trying out on paper how I might write a Widget to split out the main tag-themes for this site, or how I might lock down the family tree site I try it out in real time. Usually forgetting to take a backup before I start, but that’s another story.

The point is… notebooks are cool. Think of da Vinci. It almost doesn’t matter what you write in them, they’re a record of your thoughts, hopes, dreams and aspirations. And you don’t have to worry about unpatched security vulnerabilities… unless a leaf falls out.