It’s been all-change here this year. Change-ish, anyway.

The raucous people moved out of Number 7, and the renters at Number 5 moved out just before them (more in despair than anything – you may remember I said as much). The new tenants are wonderfully quiet!

Number 3, however, must have been sold, as it was a hive of activity for a month or so before a family moved in suddenly one Saturday. Can’t help but wonder how much it went for, as it’s a two-bed, had started off at £70k and was down to £62k last time I checked.

Number 5 has been a bit busy the last few weeks too… all the furniture was removed, people have been working in the attic (and possibly the cellar, too).

Further down the street, I think Number 11 is being worked on (the one next door to the one that’s boarded-up, anyway). Hang on… Google Streetview reckons it’s Number 13. Whichever.

Oh, and there’s a notice in the window of Number 2, so I might be getting some new neighbours renting it. Whoopie, more students…

Update. According to, Number 3 was sold in January for £55k. That’s £15k less that what mine was worth 21 months ago. Scary.