Last year, I upgraded my phone. I didn’t want to, but Orange said I had to have a new one with the new contract, even if I never used it. Not liking the ‘music’ idea of an N95 8Gb, I went for the bog-standard E51, which I could use as a ‘just in case’, with everything backed up via Ovi.

Today, I thought I’d set up the E51 and take it with me when I go away with the Ladies, so I could connect to the Internet while on the coach or at the hotel when staying over.

This is when I discover that (a) putting your SIM card into the E51 isn’t obvious; (b) there are no instructions anywhere on how to put your SIM card into the E51 anywhere; and (c) once you do work out how to get the card in, you need a small screwdriver to scrape it back out.

With the N95, there’s just a simple latch that covers the card and secures it in place. I’d also have exactly the same phone, and battery (the one on the E51 is, of course, different, so I can’t just charge it up and take it with).