After three and a half months, I got the call from Currys to say that my Wii had arrived. Hurrah!

So off I trot to the store at lunchtime to collect it. After a minute queueing at the till, a nice man took me to one side to process my order. Five minutes later, up he came with a copy of Big Brain Academy.

“No,” says I, “I already have that.” Because, I do; I took it with me when I made the original order.

So away he goes, and eventually we discover that neither of the games in the original bundle are in stock. He and a colleague then offer me a choice from the pitiful collection on display. Chosen title in hand, we go back to the tills, where the sole cashier ponders on the difficulty of making the out-of-bundle swap. But, being a whizz, she successfully adds the new title to my order and removes the out-of-stock one, drops it in a bag and hands it over.

“Thanks,” says I. “Where’s the console?”

A person is dispatched to the storeroom downstairs, returning ten minutes later with the console. And another copy of Big Brain Academy (which, in a moment of honesty, I point out again that I already have and make sure isn’t dropped into the larger bag with the console).

So that was another 35+ minutes on top of the three and a half months.

I am never, ever, ever, ever, ever going to buy anything important ever, ever ever again from Currys. Not ever. Never. No. Watch me.

PS – Naturally, I have a football game tonight, The Hoosiers tomorrow night, shopping to do Thursday night and Cadets on Friday, so even though I have it, I won’t be doing much with it!