Those who know me well know that I don’t get starstruck and I don’t especially respect job titles, either. I’ve just never met that many people worthy of my adoration or efforts; which makes organising a visit by the Shadow Defence Minister quite a challenge!

Squadron staff and cadets with Liam Fox MP and Jason McCartney.

It’s like all my worst nightmares come at once; short notice, on MoD land, having to get permission from the Secretary of State for Defence, clearing things with HQAC, letting people further up the chain know… then there’s finding staff and cadets who are available on a Friday afternoon, last day of school, during poor weather.

But, PR professional that I am, I got it sorted, worked out an order for the events, drove in on the day and things started to unravel! An unexpected guest and someone else taking over slightly; but the event passed off, no major issues, and I have absolutely no doubt that I don’t want to do that again in a hurry.

The name ‘David Cameron’ was mentioned, though…