My cunning plan at the end of August was to write a bit more, and rely on the monthly round-ups a bit less. Preferably, a lot less.

So much for that plan!

The Queen died, then we had Liz Truss and KamiKwasi Kwarteng ruining life for everyone for starters.

I changed to a different manufacturer of Metformin and came out in a dreadful rash. That included some sort of allergic reaction that affected my throat. I changed back to my original manufacturer, but the tablets are twice as large (and it took a whole month to get to talk to a Doctor about them).

So I’m not in the best of moods, and I seem to have some sort of acid reflux-slash-heartburn-slash-indegestion-thing. Sometimes I’m fine, sometimes it feels as if there’s some phlegm trapped at the back of my throat or top of my chest.

So: it could be down to an allegy, Metformin in general, a hiatus hernia (where your stomach moves in your body) or… stress.

As I said to the Mayor when I mentioned this to her last month… I work for the Mayor. What have I got to be stressed about?

Actually, quite a bit. My contract ends at the end of December and won’t be renewed. The restructuring seems to have petered out now we’ve reached the non-manager level (surprise!) so there’s nothing there unless I want to be a Press Officer. Which I don’t, it’s what my job has morphed in to, and it’s really not me.

So now I’m job-hunting. And we know what I’m like with interviews…

Throw in strikes on the railway on the days I want to travel to and from London for National Conference, one of the full-time temps has left and that I’ll soon be coming up to my next check-up for the bladder cancer… perhaps it is stress after all? I’m certainly not feeling as relaxed as I was over the summer.

Ah well. Time will tell… but I’ll spend time tomorrow writing a thought, on cat & class. I’ve been meaning to do it for almost two months, after all.