The power of positive thinking: this is going to be my month, and no-one else’s. Eyes facing forward, firmly on the horizon. We shall see…

Tuesday 2

Remember I had that annual diabetes check-up (later than planned) last month? I finally got the results today. Cholesterol down to 4.1 (it was 6.something a year ago; 5.0 six months ago) and the H1bc is down to 45 from 58. The drugs do work, it turns out; although the cholesterol is still a bit high so I’ll be doubling that dosage next time around.

Annoyingly my weight has stopped falling. On some days it’s actually back over 12st. Time to hit the salad again. And the exercise bike.

Tuesday 9

Random text message offering me a Covid-19 vaccination jab… and it turns out to be legit. My Primary Care Network had extra supplies, I’m in Group 6 as I’m over 50 with an underlying medium-risk health condition (the Type II diabetes) and – assuming they’ve done Groups 1 to 4 – they’re starting on the next lot. It’s not as if you can reallocate or long-term store the vaccine (especially the Pfizer one), and I’m only one week early on the rollout, so I don’t feel too bad. Might feel bad afterwards, of course…

Wednesday 10

Before losing all sensation in my left arm I contacted my new preferred web services supplier. Happy that they could do the transfer I signed up… only for my credit card to be flagged for possibly being a scam. But it’s fine, they said, just send is some photo ID and a current utility bill.

Now: firstly, who has utility bills any more? Secondly: if you don’t trust me to be legit, why should I trust you with a scan of my passport and a utility bill? So I renewed for a year with Nativespace (they tried to renew for three years – soon put them right). That gives me 11 months to get a decent job and transfer somewhere better, or to try Amazon Web Services and self-host in the cloud.

Wednesday 17

Was randomly contacted by a friend and former colleague on LinkedIn; would I like to take part on a focus group on stakeholder communications for her new employers? Of course – anything to help a friend. She didn’t mention it would be at 10am. For 90 minutes. At 10am. In the morning.

On the other hand, she didn’t mention the Amazon Gift Vouchers we all received for taking part, so that was a bit of a Brucie Bonus!

Thursday 25

So I did that video presentation for the job I hinted at last month, which I submitted on the 8th. Notified at the end of that week that I was through to stage 2. Interview was yesterday… usual outcome, but this time with a bit more feedback. Seems I’m not “enthusiastic” enough.

Now: anyone who has ever met me knows I don’t do enthusiasm. I rarely smile. And there’s nothing about being unemployed for 20 months and interviewing via webcam that is going to make me any more upbeat and/or smiley. But I guess I’ll have to add it to the Big List Of Interview Tips. Must get to writing that up as a blog post, actually…

Sunday 28

One other thing left over from January was an intended flat move. Unfortunately, the flat I want hasn’t come onto the market, which means I’m also really annoyed I hadn’t paid more attention last year. By an accident of timing a flat two doors down came up and was reduced in price but I missed out on that as well as I don’t have to give notice really for another week. Ho hum.

The only nesting going on is from the ducks and swans; especially the swans, who have returned to last year’s nesting site in the old canal tunnel entrance on the river opposite my flat balcony. They’re out there now relaxing in the sun, such as it is. Spring is just around the corner. Hurrah!