The “should the CIPR and PRCA merge?” question crops up every so often and is likely to do so a bit more over the next 18 months, as closer working was one things next year’s CIPR President, Sarah Hall, wanted to see more of.

As if on cue, here’s a tweet from earlier today:

The trouble for me is my sense of humour.

I keep thinking of the Two Davids – Steel and Owen – as portrayed by Spitting Image, and their on-screen discussions about merging their two parties. In particular, what to call it; which in our case might run like this:

“Why don’t we take two words from our name and two from yours?”

“That makes sense.”

“Since the Royal Charter is important, we’ll need that. And most Chartered bodies are Institutes.”


“And we’re a public relations body, so let’s take those two words from your name.”

“So we’d be called Chartered Institute of Public Relations?”

“If you like. Two words from each founding body is a reasonable compromise.”