Regular readers (do I have any regular readers?) will know of my rather ambivalent view of Facebook.

At the end of 2016 I decided to deactivate my account. I later relented and just logged out, but I did also delete the Apps from my iPhone and iPad. No constant checking other people’s updates. No updates from me – let’s be honest, I’m not doing anything worth updating anyone about. No emails from Facebook if I’m tagged in posts, or if someone comments. Messenger I kept active; it’s the main way my brother, sister and I keep in touch, and a few others who are too busy for email as well.

The silence has been lovely, although I do miss the actual news people want to share. No photos of cats, dog or babies doing the funniest things. No cod politics from the uninformed. No likes or shares.

So who’s missed me?

A few people, actually. Possibly not the people I’d expect, but I did get a birthday card from someone who said they missed my updates (and they had some news of their own to convey).

But here’s a thing. I went to a former colleague’s leaving drinks last Friday. One of the other attendees was a Facebook Friend, and tagged me in a photo (and as being in venue we were drinking at). Several of my Facebook Friends liked that photo. One – a relative – even commented that it was good to see I was still around, she’d wondered what I was up to.

If she was that bothered, why not get in touch and ask me?


Update. Some of them did remember it’s my birthday today though. Fifty, not out.