Yes! Even sentimental hoarders like me have to have a cleanout one in a while.

Three years ago, when I sold the house and moved to this flat, I got rid of a lot of stuff. That meant I could keep the number of plastic crates I needed down to something manageable. They’re all stackable too, and come in two different series so you have two smaller ones on top of a larger one.

Which would be fine if they all fitted into each other… full or empty, they take up the same amount of space. Oh well.

I’m quite sentimental though, especially with gifts, so I’ve had to be really tough with myself and get rid of some of things I’m now waiting to be collected, such as the bucket and twigs Charmaine got me from Ikea to complement the old house once I’d finished redecorating. The really nice DVD player with a drop-down front panel (a gift to myself, that one). But if you don’t have a clean out once in a while, you stop making space for new things.

Then there’s the tags on this site. I could just delete a handful, things I no longer post specifically about such as women’s football or Rail North, and those posts would still be discovered and listed. Or delete Google, Facebook and Instragram and leave them as simple Social Media. Thinning out is good, so they say.

It’s the same with people. My Facebook Friends list gets the occasional trim. Sometimes I just Unfollow, to spare their feelings but I’ve dropped some friends in the past that other friends would find surprising. They’re such good friends that they probably haven’t even noticed yet.

Which… I ought to be more disappointed about. Perhaps I am more mentally tough that I give myself credit for.