Regular readers / reader / my psychiatrist will know that I went to TASC in 1986 to get my degree, which three years later I failed to do. And I failed the re-sit, too. And that I’m now back at TASC on the PG Dip in Public Communications.

Well, I’ve passed!

Quite why it was taking so long to mark the final module (which I studied in April and handed in in May) I know not, but I don’t care, I’ve passed a course at TASC!

So the the BA from Leeds Polytechnic and the MA from Leeds University, I now fill the gap with a PG Dip from Leeds’s wannabe third University (and I’ll rue the day that that happens, frankly). A double hat-trick, of awards and institutions.

Next stop? Well, I wouldn’t mind starting an MPhil, though I am notoriously bad at research and the like. I’d like to do something that brings together my two interests, communications and Europe. For the moment, I’m treating myself to a Wii and a bit of senseless game-play!