I wonder what it is about this time of year that makes me fiddle about with my website?

Last year there was the new theme. The year before that I changed domain names. And this year? Cookies.

Now… admittedly, I should have had the cookies thing nailed down years ago. I had the Disclaimer and Privacy page sorted, and I had a plugin to do cookie acceptance but I didn’t have a really good plugin that listed what the cookies were and which ones you could choose to accept or reject.

Yes this is overkill, but it’s a requirement.

So now on the privacy page there’s a link to a separate page that lists all the cookies that are set by WordPress, and others. Hurrah!


… the plugin auto-generates the content for the cookies policy page. This would be fine but it thinks I’m a “we” instead of an “I”, and talks about shopping carts and similar.

You can edit the page but that means disconnecting from updates to the cookies list (as far as I can tell), and when you try to edit the content it gets the formatting wrong. This is because under the hood it’s doing its own form of code generation instead of proper HTML which has only been around for 30 years.

One step forward, one step back.

It gets worse, as I’ve also found a new template that I want to try out. This will, sadly, mean the end of the random images on each post that doesn’t have a thumbnail… maybe. And it’ll only make sense if I can integrate it with this theme’s look and feel. But it is more compatible with the block editor, which seems to be the WordPress way forward now. We shall see.

Oh: and I finally got my .uk domain name. At last! An interesting 12 months ahead on the IT front awaits.