Some of you might have seen that tweet last month.

I thought it was worth sharing as, quite apart from the blatant racism involved it was the first time in a long time I’d witnessed anything – and the first time in a long time that anything remotely racist had been aimed in my direction. And I’ve been to Lancashire.

I’ve said before that don’t post or tweet to get clicks, impressions and shares – I do it because I want to. This my account, not a work one. But having not had any response to that tweet I thought I’d download April’s Twitter stats and see how it fared.

Sorting the data by impressions it was the 27th most popular (out of 76). Sorted by engagements it was joint last with 26 other tweets – no-one engaged with it or me, in public or by DM.

Filtering to sort tweets by impressions but to only show tweets with zero engagement there were four tweets with greater engagement. In order, they are:

So the moral of the story seems to be: if you want your content to be engaging, include hashtags, embedded content or be tweets to/retweets of other people. Or make a (poor) joke, or critique someone’s language skills.

Simply being about racism doesn’t cut it, that’s far too routine, mundane and everyday. Sadly. Welcome back to the 1970s.

But since you were wondering…

The top three tweets by impression in April (2,263, 1,435 and 904 respectively) were:

(This one was also the most popular by engagement.)