There’s been a file on my desktop I’ve been wanting to share for ages, but I kept getting distracted with Other Things.

Way back when (the file is dated June 2017, during my last bout of unemployment) it occurred to me to wonder about the differences and similarities between public relations and marketing. Probably, because I was applying for jobs called “Marketing and Communications Officer”, which always seem odd to me; what is “marketing” if not “communications”?

Then I wondered how one would present such information, especially on this website. A Venn Diagram being the obvious answer. An Euler Diagram being the less obvious (but probably more mathematically correct) answer, but then you get into discussions on what the difference is and how to pronounce ‘Euler’. So let’s leave it as ‘Venn’.

Health warning. The diagram below is styled using only CSS. This means that (a) this post probably doesn’t pass any sort of HTML validation, as the styles are part of the <body> tag instead of being in the <head>; and (b) it’ll probably look crap on some screens, and especially mobile devices.

Public Relations
Media relations
Photo opportunities
Corporate communications
Internal communications
Crisis communications
Public affairs

Brand management
Media booking
Design & print

Measurement & evaluation
Campaign planning
Stakeholder engagement
Digital media management
Audio & video
Event management

(Fairly evidently, the lists are ordered to fit the space available. Don’t stress it.)

If I was being mean, I’d say that there’s a larger circle surrounding these two with the words “Human Resources” emblazoned on the side, just so we know who’s really in charge of communications…

What do you think? Am I right? Wrong? Should I stick to writing bad poetry? At the very least I’ve learned a new CSS skill.