It wasn’t what I’d planned on doing this month, but once I got started I couldn’t stop. Not bad for eight days’ work, especially when you consider I have a bit of time to myself in the middle (friends and a funeral).

I did start to upload the files at 10:10 this morning, but it ticked over to 10:11. And I’ve amended a few since then, so I won’t stress about the date.

I’d started to make a child theme of Baskerville, then gave up and edited the files directly so that I could bolt on the bits that were there previously. The .css file has plenty of redundant calls, and I’m pretty sure some of the functions from the previous theme aren’t needed either, but the only way to check some of the work out was on the live site (bad form, I know), so I’ve swapped the templates over.

The new theme is called Acquis, although Frankenstein might be better…

Some things aren’t working properly – or at least, not quite as they should – so there’ll be a bit more editing to go. Some of the colours from the old theme don’t look so good in this one. The masonry script occasionally throws a wobbly. The thumbnails might all want resizing too. But, in theory, I’m ready for Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0 later this year or early next.

For the rest of the week, I would like to do anything but stare at a laptop screen until 1am… but next week is a different story. Refresh a former client’s site when she supplies the revised content; look again at the family tree website; and a proof-of-concept which may never see the light of day.

I really need a new job, don’t I?