Does your organisation provide support on Twitter? Or merely claim to?

Last September, Twitter introduced a new feature for businesses that allowed them to signify that a particular account “Provides support”.

However, “Provides support” only seems to work if you ask a question – if at all.

In the last few days I’ve tweeted something to @LeedsCC_Help and @TwitterSupport – neither were questions but it would have been nice to have some acknowledgement.

Answer came there none.

On the other hand, I’ve tweeted @Virgin_TrainsEC and @VirginMedia in the past, and almost always received a reply, whether I was asking a question or not. When I was at WYCA I helped staff @MetroTravelNews, including on two Boxing Days. None of these accounts are marked “Provides support” although they clearly do whether an actual question is asked or not.

Some organisations even encourage questions, despite the lack of “Provides support”:

Ultimately, the designation is worthless – and confusing to your customers. If you’re a business, why would you be on Twitter – or Facebook, WhatsApp, email, LinkedIn or have a web site – and not provide support? They’re all platforms for engagement, after all.