I replaced my previous ‘dark & stormy’ theme last September in time for the CIPR Elections. Then I got a bit more fidgety and added bits of other themes in to make something a bit more bespoke.

It worked, but not very well. So a couple of weeks before Christmas I started again. This time I started with Sorbet and added in bits of Fictive, rather than the other way around. Starting from scratch I had half the work done on the first day, which was rather gratifying. Then, as usual, I started getting bogged down in small CSS and code changes and paused for a week.

Then it was Christmas. I’d been nagging my sister for ages that the site I built for her and Baked Beauties in 2010 was woefully out of date, not mobile friendly and generally a poor viewing experience, and showed her some better examples. She told me to get on with it – so I started on Christmas Day evening and had it substantially ready by New Year’s Eve evening. I adapted a free, responsive Pinterest-like theme, shovelled in 160 pages of content from their Facebook Page (and which wasn’t on their site) and we were good to go. I haven’t told her how much I’d charge for the work in the real world – it would be a lot of cakes though.

That break meant I approached my own site refreshed. I revised the ‘About’ pages (see the red menu at the top), tidied up the custom widgets I’d written, corrected a few CSS errors. Got bored, added a way to show posts of a single post format (wonder if I can turn that into a proper, grown-up widget?) and then, in a fit of lunacy, re-added the sidebar to the right of the Archive lists that I’d carefully removed from everywhere else. That took a day in itself.

The main thing is that it still passes muster on my laptop, iPad (landscape and portrait) and iPhone 5S (portrait and… why are you looking at it in landscape?) so my CSS works too. Hurrah!

Now… can I leave it alone? Can I? After I’ve added my CIPR Fellow / Chart. PR / UKLR logos and a Disclaimer, I mean? And the other post formats? And after writing that widget. Can I leave it alone after that, I mean?