I like to think that I’m quite a laid back, ‘que sera sera’ sort of person. But not at the moment.

Voting in the CIPR elections closed yesterday at 5pm, and we have to wait until sometime on Wednesday – probably – for the results. That’s assuming there are no objections. All I can say for certain there is that I haven’t made any.

So I need to keep the tempo up a bit, in case I win. Prepare messages thanking my opponents, either way. Grab lots of Twitter handles so I can congratulate the elected Council members. That sort of thing.

Or, I could sleep. Touch and go, really.

Too much sleep isn’t an option though, as I have washing to do, food to buy, Yorkshire & Lincolnshire Treasurer duties to execute, PRide Co-ordinator stuff to get my head around, job-hunting to do (and at least one to apply for this weekend), soon-to-be-former work things to sort out.

And I need to do something to this template so that I can display things like my mainland GB rail stations map a bit better. That’s taking some thinking about, as what looks like a sidebar on the left is actually part of the header.

I am though, shattered. My assumption has always been that it’s harder to win the election than actually be the President, but I’ll have to wait until Wednesday-ish to find out…