I was at a PD&M meeting yesterday, and we created a set of working groups to look at various aspects of the member journey, member retention and our offer’. Our work reflects the move towards professionalism over the last few years. That’s something that successive Presidents and Council members believe in.

This election isn’t just about me. Or the other two President-Elect candidates.

There are other elections taking place this year, for places on Council. Some are reserved for certain groups, some are a reserved for other groups and everyone else takes their chances on the Open List.

Two of my nominees – Annette Spencer and Erin Portsmouth – are standing on the Open List, while Chris Taylor is standing on the English Regions list. They wouldn’t have nominated me if we didn’t have the same view of what the CIPR should look like by the time this three-year term ends in 2020 so if you’re thinking of voting for me you should definitely vote for them.

It’s important to remember that while the President leads the Board and sets the tone and strategy for their year, they have no direct power. It’s not that sort of President.

The Board of Directors make the actual decisions, collectively. Board members are drawn from the Council members. Council members also take positions on the three Standing Committees: Professional Practices; Professional Development and Membership; Policy and Campaigns. There’s also the Finance Committee. These Committees develop policies under direction from the Board but can also instigate their own work.

So when you vote this year you’ll be helping to set the direction of travel for the next two-plus years; the Presidents in 2017 & 2018 and the President-Elect in 2018.

That’s a big responsibility you have!