I realised yesterday when I renewed this domain name that I’ve had it for 10 years. That means this site in its various incarnations is also 10 years old.


I’d had the idea to set something up while I was on a course that took place in July 2006. But I didn’t get around to getting some web space and the domain name until almost two months later. WordPress has this handy feature, whereby you can publish posts in the pasts as well as queue them up for the future. So the first few posts were written in Word and uploaded later.

Not the last time I did that in the last 10 years.

So how did I celebrate this auspicious not-quite anniversary? Why, I bought a new domain name!

Image: The site today in the original template.
The site today in the original template. Ish.

You may recall (as if) that I used have a site at acquis.lu, at the turn of the century. Well, now I have acquis.xyz. I have no idea what I’m going to use it for, although I am still looking to start a Ph.D in something European and communications in which case it would be rather handy to have, given what the word means.

I should, in fairness, point out that this image of the site today in the original template is, like most efforts at nostalgia, not entirely accurate. I’d used a version of the template to practice my WordPress skills, and my edits reference plugins I no longer use. So it breaks, and I’ve used a later version of the original. And the name’s different, of course.