Being the sensible bunch we are at the Combined Authority, our PR Christmas meal is usually in January. That way we avoid the idiots and might even save some money (did I mention we’re in Yorkshire?) – not that we’ve had one for a few years, but having got LSSE out of the way with and my Chartership (which still hasn’t been formally announced by heigh ho) we had reasons to celebrate.

Our chosen venue last night was La Rambla, a new-ish tapas place on East Parade. Not so very long ago this was a karaoke place; but I always remember it as The Firehouse. Fifteen years and six weeks ago I had my leaving Leeds Met Uni night out at a Cantonese restaurant on Greek Street followed by drinks in the Firehouse.

It was my fourth night ending up there in about three months. Friends Eli and Emma had left LMU for London and Bradford in March and July respectively, but we’d all met up with those they’d left behind a few times. So I’ve actually got quite a few photos from that period in late-2000; the bar, the dancefloor at the rear, friends and former colleagues I rarely see these days.

I was convinced I’d uploaded some photos from those days to Facebook, to share. If I did, I deleted them a few years back when I decided to reduce my digital footprint over there – but I did find one to show my current colleagues.

Not that I’m going to share any of them on here – wouldn’t want to get a reputation for being someone who goes to parties and smiles… although I suppose one (without me) would be fine…

Oh: restaurant review. It was very nice (although a bit empty, even for a Thursday evening in January). Food for four plus two bottles of Rioja came to a gnat’s gonad under £120. And the staff were very patient.