So… progress on the move away from Virgin Media (aka ntl: aka Bell Cablemedia aka Jones Cable) has been slow. Good, but slow.

As promised, BT have reconnected my line… but it can take up to 48 hours for that information to propagate to other systems (no-one told me that before). So I have to wait until at least tomorrow lunchtime before Orange can do their bit. Then you add 7 to 10 days before everything works. Not a complete disaster, as I’ll be off on my travels next weekend, so it’ll be something to look forward to upon my return. It doesn’t cost a fiver though… the lady I spoke to on Thursday night was quite wrong. In fact, BT + Orange works out £1 more expensive, though more than one-quarter faster (in theory).

Trouble is, until Orange confirm that things are in progress at their end, I can’t cancel the cable broadband. Which I really, really want to do. The ADSL router is on order though, and should arrive in the next few days… which will mean new WEP codes and IP addresses, but it isn’t difficult to set up, really, I’ve had enough practice now.

The only thing I wasn’t expecting was for my laptop to die unexpectedly late on Friday night. I think it’s ‘just’ the graphics card, but I’d need to find a new one, buy it, open the laptop, replace it, see what happens. So I’ve bought a new laptop (for Lightpath), which is expensive but pretty much guaranteed to work. Vista is interesting… sort of…