Regular readers (if there are any readers at all), will know that I’m a twice-failed student of TASC, and that I’m now doing a PG Dip in Public Communications there. And you should also know that this is where I met Birgit, just over 20 years ago (and we both consider those days to be the best of our lives, which is nice). So we came here last Saturday, so she could have a look around with her fella, reminisce, pass our historical first meeting point, etc.

TASC is also 40 (but older than I, I hasten to add). What’s been the biggest change? Three times as many students now than then? Kicking the nuns out of Jervaulx and taking it over? Building Kirkstall Hall of Residence? Moving from pure teacher-training to include media & business degrees? Building the new Learning Centre? Building Trinity Close student flats on the old 3rd team pitch (you know, the one that floods (oh, I’m sure they took that into account…))?

Nope. After 40 years, they finally built a road connecting the east and south car parks, so you can drive in one gate and out the other!

Except you can’t because they’ve also started rebuilding the gym (wonder where the exams will be this year?), so you can’t drive between the south and west car parks any more, as the roadway has been built over…