As my first post mentioned, this blog came about after a course I’m on. It’s the MA/PG Dip in Public Communications, at Trinity and All Saints’ College in Horsforth, north Leeds.

TASC has a special place in my affections, as that was where I went to do my first degree, in Mathematics and Public Media, in September 1986. Almost 20 years ago… but it means that, one way or another, I’ve been associated with TASC for half my life.

I failed the degree, one of twelve of the Class of 86 to do so. And I failed the resit, too (not many of us did that). But I was also working as a Library Assistant, then a Trainee Librarian. Then as an evening tutor in general IT and wordprocessing. Then I taught some undergraduates for a few weeks (and remember, they failed me). Then I took over teaching the evening fencing course (something I learned there myself). So I got around the campus a bit…

I also met some fab ‘n’ groovy people there, only some of whom I still keep in touch with. Some of whom, like Birgit & Pam, you’ll hear lost more about later. Others, like Medi and Kathleen, I tend to catch up with at Christmas and birthdays. But they were part of the best three/four years of my life, even with failing the degree and not being able to go to Library School. After that, reality sort of set in!

And yes, they are all women. And I never went out with any of them!

For the record, there were other blokes there too, but TASC was one of those wonderful / odd places where there were four women to every man. So it must have been my personality, after all 🙁